Jabberwocky for 2005 June 11 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (5) Pulling the Shoestrings: I got an invitation to a baby shower which will be held on Tuesday night. I'm very conflicted about this. I really don't have money to buy a baby gift. Oh, I know I could go charge something at Target, but the bill will come due, and we are on a real austerity program in this household.

I've already spent more than $300 more than I wanted to spend this month. I had to put some money into the house's escrow account for property taxes, and also a nastygram came from the Franchise Tax Board.

I can't think of anything I can do on the cheap for a baby. I can't very well take them one of my bottles of vinegar, can I?

Do I hate being a grownup and having to worry about money? I don't know. I had to worry about money all the time when I was a kid with Mom and Dad paying the bills. So I don't think it makes much of a difference. You never really get ahead when it comes to life.

I don't know if I'm going to get a paycheck in June. I surely hope so, but I honestly don't know. Used to be, they paid us eight times a year, but sometimes it's been ten. I don't know when our first summer school paycheck is due either.


Posted by Rachel at Sat Jun 11 2005 22:02

Oh and I gave that MK baby thing we had to Jen when she couldn't afford a gift for a shower. I can't think of anything homemade for a baby either.

Posted by Sumana at Sun Jun 12 2005 08:26

Do you have any extra Alice & Jerry books?

Posted by John at Sun Jun 12 2005 11:20

I always worried about money as a kid, too, being how my dad and mom always fought and we never had any after dad's doctor bills.

Do you need us to send you a check?

Susie has a baby bracelt she made at enrichment. It's way chic. Do you want it? She also has a baby hat and booties (all pink).

Posted by frances at Sun Jun 12 2005 11:59

rachel took me to rossos and we bought a book with her discount.b thanks

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jun 13 2005 13:06

Cheap baby shower gifts if you have the fabric laying around are burp cloths or even a baby blanket. Nothing fancy, just cute fabric with thread around it.

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