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frannyw@www.saltmine.com: Well, my little break is over and it's back to work in the morning. My class is clear full and people on the waiting list. So no more being a slacker. I am doing a leeeetle slacking on the 8th of July--instead of spending the day reading placement exams, I'm going to San Francisco for Leonard's birthday and a Giants game. That is a leeeetle slack.

I went to a birthday party for Ernestine Boonstoppel tonight. She is ninety years old. Bless her heart! I gave her a full page magnifier and a card that I made her. Lots of people were there, so I visited a lot and it was nice to spend an evening that way.

It's getting latish and I should go to bed to be ready to roll in the morning, but I never can sleep the night before a new semester. I roll and turn and worry that the alarm won't go off. I have two students from last semester; both of them I like, and I'm looking forward to meeting the others.

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