Jabberwocky for 2005 June 15 (entry 2)

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[No comments] So Sweet: At FoodsCo, they had Royal Anne cherries. I have not even seen any of them since high school, and certainly never in a store. They are the kind of delicacy you have to grow in your own garden if you want to eat them. I bought a pound, and I will have to eat them fast because they don't keep.

My parents had a cherry tree, but it was a sour pie cherry. (My mother was like me, wanted things to be sour!) Aunt Jeuney had a big bing cherry tree, but you had to work snappy to get any cherries before the birds did. There was a wonderful lady who worked for aunt Jeuney, Jean Anning, who had a Royal Anne tree and she would give us some sometimes.

You can't can them or freeze them or make pies or anything because they are just too fragile. Eat them up while the eating is good!

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