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[Comments] (1) Goats to Be Gotten:: I got a rise out of Rachel today when I said that Ginny Weasley is annoying. I further hypothesized that all little sisters are annoying. She really got huffy. Actually, many of the characters in HP make your teeth grate. I really found that out when we borrowed the CDs for the trip to take Leonard's car to Arkansas. About the other side of New Mexico I had to give it up because I had had it with Harry. It was like having a fifteen-year-old boy in the car, and we all know they should be sent to Mars.


Posted by rachel at Sun Jun 19 2005 00:35

Ginny is not annoying. She is spunky & cute. Honestly! *huffs* Hermione is 50 times more annoying and we have to hear about her every other page. I can't believe you like Cho better. Bleah.

We went about listening to Harry all the wrong way. We should have alternated it with music and taken breaks, especially because OOTP is angst-ville. It is ok to listen to bits at a time.

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