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[Comments] (4) Fighting City Hall: I've been tiffing with my bank. I deposited a check for $1,000 in the ATM, and I even have an ATM receipt that says $1,000. Imagine my chagrin when I checked my balance online and found they had credited me with a $100 deposit. Obviously their mistake! (Usually, with mathematical matters, it's my mistake.)

I sent them a firm email saying that if they bounced the check I wrote for my annual auto insurance premium, it would be THEIR fault, not mine. Sometimes I get so mad at the way they do things--like deducting debits before they apply credits and then charging a fee for the shortage which wasn't really a shortage. Turkeys.

Today, the balance looks like it's fixed although I've received no reply or apology from the bank.


Posted by Kristen at Tue Jun 21 2005 14:14

You and Rachel have bad luck with banks. What a headache.

Posted by John at Tue Jun 21 2005 20:49

Just remember that behind every silly bank rule is a Frank Abignale, Jr. Blame them, and not the "institution."

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jun 22 2005 08:40

Makes a good movie though!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jun 22 2005 10:17

grr stupid banks

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