Jabberwocky for 2005 June 23 (entry 0)

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Improvements: Apparently "they" are going to replace a number of the utility poles in this neighborhood. A huge truck--like a logging truck--full of poles came through and left them one by one in the gutters in appropriate places. One of the places is right by our driveway, so I assume they will replace that old pole between our driveway and Lurine's yard. It's been a mess already. It took the work crew a whole day to replace one on Palm Street near Oleander, and they had the street blocked with equipment, trucks, and a cherry picker. A flagger was there directing traffic because the street was down to a single lane. When they do ours, I won't be able to get into the driveway, and Gretel will probably freak. She doesn't like big trucks and machines.

They also fixed the potholes in our street today. That is, they filled them with asphalt crumbs. I don't know how long the repair will last because they didn't steamroll it. It's certainly a lot smoother now. This is a good thing because last week the home health nurse sprained her ankle getting out of the car at my house. She stepped in a pothole in the street and twisted it very badly. I'm wondering if the home health put in a claim to the city for it and they decided to repair the street? I wonder this because this neighborhood certainly doesn't seem to be on their priority list.

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