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[Comments] (6) Red Ants: The red ants have invaded. Rachel calls them fire ants, but I'm not so sure they are "official" fire ants like the ones Nancy has in Houston. They sure do burn though. I found that I was sitting with my foot in a nest of them as I weeded yesterday, and I've been miserable ever since. Lots of Benadryl usage in this household! Then today Rachel discovered them all over the driveway. I mean All. Over. I went out with the diaznon bag but couldn't find the driveway nest, so I just scattered it on the ants. There were two nests in a crack in the patio, however. And I found the nest that did me dirty yesterday.

Diaznon is illegal now, but when I went to Gardener's Supply last year to buy Roundup, it had just been made illegal and they were hurrying and selling their stock. I bought a 25 pound bag to do me forever, and it has come in very handy.


Posted by Marianne Morse at Sun Jun 26 2005 19:25

I sure have wished I had diaznon when the ants get bad. I have used a lot of spray which works but not as well. You are lucky to have a bag of it.

Posted by Frances at Sun Jun 26 2005 19:42

I'm waiting for the USDA to come and bust me.

Posted by John at Sun Jun 26 2005 19:52

Why is it illegal?

Posted by Frances at Sun Jun 26 2005 20:01

It is now a banned pesticide.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 27 2005 07:08

We have a product called StingStop that is amazing! I put it on my mosquito bites and they didn't itch even after I scratched them.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Jun 27 2005 07:10

Frances, you rebel, you.

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