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Cooking With Mr. Dudley: Since Mr. Dudley came to live here at Christmas, I find I am using so much more pepper. I just filled him with peppercorns and already they are half gone. Part of that may be due to the ripening of our tomatoes. There is absolutely nothing more delicious than ripe sliced tomatoes with salt and cracked black pepper.

Sometimes I use Mr. Dudley too much. I made lemon pepper chicken that was way too peppery although it would have helped if I hadn't spilled half the lemon juice.

Mr. Dudley wanders. When you are cooking at the kitchen counter, he is on the table, and when you sit down to eat, there he is over there on the counter. The peregrine pepper grinder.

[Comments] (1) Fourth of July: We went to a ward pancake breakfast in the park this morning, and we even sang the Star Spangled Banner. I think that song should be replaced! It's not even American music. America the Beautiful is much more suitable. The breakfast was yummy and a lot of fun.

I did genealogy most of the day, but I also chopped up five pint-size Ziploc bags full of tomatoes and froze them.

When Gretel and I went walkies we saw the neighbors setting up their fireworks. This year, piccolo petes are illegal because last year a man was being a fool and got killed by one. They also outlawed those little "flowers" that twirl on the sidewalk shooting colored sparks. I really like those.

Rachel went to a party, but I guess what I'm going to do is pull some weeds and then go to bed. Back to work in the morning! It's been a nice weekend.


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