Jabberwocky for 2005 July 4 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (1) Fourth of July: We went to a ward pancake breakfast in the park this morning, and we even sang the Star Spangled Banner. I think that song should be replaced! It's not even American music. America the Beautiful is much more suitable. The breakfast was yummy and a lot of fun.

I did genealogy most of the day, but I also chopped up five pint-size Ziploc bags full of tomatoes and froze them.

When Gretel and I went walkies we saw the neighbors setting up their fireworks. This year, piccolo petes are illegal because last year a man was being a fool and got killed by one. They also outlawed those little "flowers" that twirl on the sidewalk shooting colored sparks. I really like those.

Rachel went to a party, but I guess what I'm going to do is pull some weeds and then go to bed. Back to work in the morning! It's been a nice weekend.


Posted by Camilla Whitney at Tue Jul 05 2005 00:03

I much prefer America the Beautiful but I can barely be considered patriotic.

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