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[Comments] (2) Whew!: The last day of class has been taught, and now all that is left is the testing (and the huge stack of papers I need to grade.) And I even got a paycheck. A big paycheck. Makes me wonder if they paid me for the full summer term, or will I get another check on August 15. Who can tell? They way they do payroll at that school, I certainly can't. I do know they gave us a raise, supposedly, but I don't know how much and when it took effect.

Because I had eaten all the goat cheese turnovers, I made more this afternoon. This may have been a tactical error because it really heated up the kitchen. The poor person who brought my TPN delivery came in all sweaty and the kitchen wasn't much cooler. I gave her a turnover to make it up to her.

I should grade papers, but I am exhausted. I already graded hundreds this morning before I came home. And... this class was a record buster in terms of how many students did the extra credit vocabulary flashcards. The flashcards are a mess and hard to grade, but I think I have convinced some of them that they need to improve their vocabulary to do well in English 1.

Some of the students have worked so hard, but if they fail the writing proficiency on Monday, it was in vain. I hate that part of my job, having to tell someone they failed.


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