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[Comments] (1) Uh-oh: The Lost and Found ads today listed a 5 bedroom double wide mobile home, missing from the truck stop in Lebec. Huh? How does one steal a 5 bedroom double wide mobile home? And did they steal the truck it was on too? There must have been two trucks, if it was a double wide. Weird.

[Comments] (2) Pizza: I made a pizza tonight-- garden style. From the garden, I used peppers, tomatoes, basil and oregano. I put the fresh herb leaves on whole--was a little worried about how they would cook up, but they were wonderful. I sliced the tomatoes and put them in a strainer to drain so they wouldn't make the pizza soggy. Worked fine. On my half I put a sliced onion, separated into rings. Only on my half because Rachel dislikes my beloved vegetable. I used both Cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Somehow I think they probably don't use Cheddar in Italy.

I would have put mushrooms and artichokes on, but didn't have any. Gosh, it turned out delicious!


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