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[Comments] (3) Hassledyhassle: I am still battling the records office about that incomplete they never fixed. They are trying to put the blame on me, the turkeys. I KNOW I turned in a change of incomplete form this summer.

I sent an email to the girl's English 1 teacher begging her to reinstate her into the class, and I filed a new change of grade form with the records office. I don't feel good about this because the person who took the card from me this time is the same person who lost the card last summer.

Also, I almost got beat up when I tried to send all the excess waitlist people away from my class. I've never seen anyone get to mad before. I think she doesn't have a right to get mad because if she had registered on time, she would have been on the roll, not the waitlist. She was a big sarcastic lady who got violent when I told her I couldn't let her into the class. Fortunately, she eventually stomped out. Now, I have a whole bunch of papers to grade. Back to the old routine!


Posted by John at Wed Aug 24 2005 18:48

That job sounds like more trouble than it's worth. So does mine. We should escape somewhere fun.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 24 2005 19:35

You sure get some violent people in there...

Posted by Kristen at Fri Aug 26 2005 13:36

You should report her to the School and have her on probation or something, that is just wrong!

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