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OCD/AR: Finally, I'm through with the home health care people for a few days. Sigh. When I went to Dr. Amin today, his nurse told me that four different people called her to tell her I would be on vacation last month. (Dr.'s office already knew this lovely bit of news.) I replied that I think you have to be OCD to work at the home health place.

They got all excited at the dr.'s office because I had a temperature of 102. I came home and I'm drinking ice water, so its down some now. No wonder I felt lousy. If I'm still running a fever tomorrow, I have to go back to the doctor. *takes temperature*

It's still elevated.

I wish I didn't have to live my life around doctors, nurses, IVs and pills.

[Comments] (3) Sky Pilot: Temp is still high. I had some of my homemade chicken broth, which I doctored up with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce so it thinks its a Pho. Made my head sweat; hopefully the fever will sweat out.

If I'm still feverish tomorrow I have to go back to the doctor, which I am Not Interested in doing. I have a college kid coming to pull weeds in the morning.


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