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[Comments] (7) Youtah: I am back from my trip to Utah for Shelley's wedding. It seems like I've been gone forever, since I did the drive in two days both ways. I didn't think I could make it alone in one day, and I was probably right.

Last Tuesday I taught my class, and then came home to a frantic morning. I packed (forgetting several things) and took Gretel to the kennel. Then I took some of the peaches and nectarines Garry brought me to take to Utah to the Langleys and to Ernestine, so that I could pretend to have done my visiting teaching. After that, I drove without incident to Mesquite.

I always stay at the Casablanca because it's beautiful and they seem to have a powerful a/c system because the casino isn't smoky. I did not put in any nickel. For dinner, I was planning on having the prime rib dinner, but when I got to the coffee shop, I was tempted by the steak and lobster. I figured I could have prime rib for breakfast, but it turns out it's only available after 3 p.m. I didn't even put any money in #26 in Keno, and while I was eating, #26 won.

The coffee shop is called The Purple Fez, and I can't remember any characters in Casablanca who wore a fez. And of course, the movie is in black and white, so how would we know it's purple?

I am a girl born and raised in the West, and I have never gotten a speeding ticket in Nevada, despite the fact that I've been galloping across its deserts all my life. My mother never got one either that I recall. I don't even know what a Nevada highway patrol looks like--is there such a thing? But once you cross that line into Utah, I-15 is absolutely crawling with cops. A new development is officers from all the little local towns are coming out to the freeway to catch people speeding.

What I'm saying is I got a ticket. I almost got two, but I argued with the officer, and I still think I am right and he is wrong, but he gave me a warning for not having my original registration card. Now, we all know that everyone, from the AAA to the DMV says don't carry your original in the car, but bring a copy. This is so it won't get stolen. UHP officer sez that's not good enough in Utah--he needed the original. I said how can a person possibly know the arcane rules of every podunk state they drive through. Bleah. I think he only ticketed me because of being from California. I wasn't going any faster than anyone else.

I got to Jonathan's, and they put me up in the girls' old room which is now full of scrapbooking stuff. I took the family out to dinner at Old Spaghetti factory.

The next day was the wedding. The nectarines were looking ripe, so that's what I had for breakfast. We made it to the Salt Lake temple in plenty of time. That's a good thing because I was worried about it. Shelley was the most beautiful bride. She is a sweet girl, too, which is unusual because so often beautiful women are conceited.

I don't like my new nephew. He is rude and abrupt and (I hear) mean to Shelley. His family is unfriendly too. They were real poopsquishers to spend a day with. We had lunch at the Macaroni Grill after the wedding. Uncle Justin came, and they didn't even speak to us. I couldn't engage them very much at the reception either.

The reception was incredible. About fifteen kinds of desserts, plus the wedding cake. There were three fountains of chocolate--dark, white, and butterscotch, with all the stuff to dip in them. I'd hate to be the person who has to clean out those chocolate fountains. Luckily there was fruit to dip, so I had some plain strawberries. I couldn't face any of the cakes or the fondue, even though the wedding cake was lemon poppyseed. (I tasted a crumb of it the next day and it was yum).

Sandi had made 300 little favor bags with a See's mint chocolate truffle in each, but hardly anyone took one. I think they were too full of dessert. Sandi was quite disappointed that her work was wasted, but we took the candy to the family reunion the next evening, and it went, WHOOSH!

There was no cleanup, as it was included in the price of the reception place, so after we saw the bride and groom off with sparklers, we went to a blessed night's rest.

The next morning, Anne and I drove up to visit Robert and Sandi in their new house in Morgan. It's exceptionally beautiful up there, but I'll bet it's buried in the snow in the winter. Sandi was exhausted, and I can see why, after that wedding and reception. Her mother, Marilyn, and her sister, Jeannette were still there and we sat around and talked. I went to high school with Jeannette, but I didn't know her well. I also went on a double date with her after college. It was her first date with the man who is her husband now, and my last date with the guy I was with.

Anne spent most of the time helping Robert install a doggie door into the wall of the house. I am very proud of him because he didn't know how, didn't have the right tools, and I honestly thought he wouldn't be able to do it and told him he should ask Jonathan, but he did it! It took all day but he did it, and I'm so thrilled for him!

In the evening we went to the Call family reunion. This is an annual reunion of my great-grandfather's family. All the old uncles are dead now, and there are only three aunts left. Aunt Ruth is in a wheelchair now, and seems to be not quite sure what is going on. Aunt Lula is getting forgetful. I spent a long time trying to convince her that I do TOO write to her, but I guess she forgets when she gets a letter. Marcelle is still feisty, and I was thrilled to hear her tell me that I have her mother's (my great-grandmother's) eyes.

Cousin Roger had made a slideshow of family pictures, with music. Excellent. He had put an In Memoriam section at the end, and as I was watching and looking at the faces of those who had gone before, the thought struck me that these are the people who will greet me when I reach the other side. I was a blubbering mess. I didn't know the great grandparents, of course, but I just loved all the great aunts and uncles. There were eleven of them, including my grandpa...and now only three left living. Too bad I can't keep closer track of the cousins.

My mother's picture should have been in that video, but her children are flakes. I guess I should email Roger some pictures.

We went back to Jonathan's to go to bed, but David Oman came over and we started talking about Melea's suicide. It's an awful thing for everyone concerned, and David will be processing it the rest of his life, I'm sure. I had to give up and go to bed, but Anne, Jonathan, and Sharon stayed up and listened. We had a nice family prayer before I went upstairs, offered by Uncle Dorse.

I was going to go to the family reunion breakfast and then leave on Saturday, but meanwhile Grandpa Walch died, so I hung around back in Provo for the funeral. All Anne's kids would be coming in, and I wanted the chance to see my nieces and nephews and little grandniece and grandnephews. Besides that, I liked Grandpa Joe. I had a chance to spoil Atticus and Samuel by giving them quarters to put in the trash vending machine.

The funeral was very, very nice. Absolutely uplifting. I think Berg Mortuary does a better job than any other funeral home I've seen. All they did for my parents and Roy, of course, was pick them up at the airport, but now on Grandpa Joe's funeral and Aunt Jeuney's, I see how smoothly things run when they do the whole thing. (I'm still mad at Hillcrest because of the mess they made of Roy's funeral, but that's a story for another time.)

All the Scoll family was there too, and how often does one see them all in one place nowadays? I'm going to have to send Gayla a note thanking her for letting me barge in on her funeral.

I skipped the cemetary. I knew the military honors would be done by the poor old veterans who did Aunt Jeuney's (and Grandpa Walch looks better lying in his coffin than those guys do.) It breaks my heart to see them, and I'll blog about military honors later. But I left, drove to St. George, spent the night, and then drove home. I stopped at the Stateline, still hoping for a prime rib dinner, but still that 3 p.m. rule there. I had a chef salad, the second worst I've ever had in my life (the first worst being at the Bun Boy in Baker.) Its only redeeming quality was it had a hardboiled egg, which I ate, along with a few bites of ham. The rest of it wasn't edible. The lettuce was turning browny-pink and watery and the cheese had dry spots. The olives were all dried out too. Anyhow, on to home.

One thing that happened on this trip was it actually did cost $50 to fill my gas tank. I discovered that if I fill up when the car is only at a half, I can avoid the sticker shock!


Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 05 2005 20:54

That's quite the trip! Glad that you sounded good on the phone and that you got to see all the family. Yay for lemon-poppyseed wedding cake!

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 05 2005 21:24

Since joining the Whitney family, I have heard nothing but complaints about those have have joined after me. Makes me a little nervous (and intrigued) about the things that could have been said about me and my family, what with my father's illness, mother's insistence on a wedding line, and all of my many idiosyncrasies.

Glad to hear you are home safe. Too bad I won't see you this weekend, but Susie sure is excited to come home!

Posted by Rachel at Mon Sep 05 2005 23:33

Wow, Susie, you sound a lot like John.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Sep 06 2005 02:21

Yeah, I'm assuming that was John. Cookies, eh?

Frances, thank you for a refreshing entry. I'm glad you're back and Leonard will be seeing you soon.

Posted by John at Tue Sep 06 2005 08:55

Sorry, didn't even catch that. I guess I made a faux pas.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Sep 06 2005 12:15

Uncle Justin didn't speak to you at the wedding? Or the groom's family?

It was great to see you there! I miss being in Utah where you get to see all the family all the time when they come into town. Althought Richard and Pam came to San Antonio for the first time about a month ago and it was a real treat having them.

Posted by Joe at Fri Sep 09 2005 09:16

I was really glad to see you Frances at the funeral.

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