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[Comments] (8) Where Are the Hardy Boys When I Need Them?: Somebody abandoned a murder weapon in my front yard. I made a mistake and picked it up, so now it has my fingerprints on it. Probably I should have left is lying there and called the police.

It's a heavy length of lead pipe, about eighteen inches long. Leonard accuses Colonel Mustard.

[Comments] (1) It's Greek to Me: Today Susie and I visited Grandma, and then we stopped by the food festival at the Greek Orthodox church. We spent quite a bit of money, but it goes to Katrina victims. We bought dolmadas, gyros, and baklava. I had had dolmadas before. When I was a little girl, Aunt Margaret made some and I loved them. I didn't like these as well. Susie wouldn't eat the one I bought for her, having been overexposed in Romania, so Gretel had it. The gyros were wonderful. I hope it all stays down. So far today I've lost every single thing I've eaten, including harmless chamomile tea.


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