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[Comments] (8) Where Are the Hardy Boys When I Need Them?: Somebody abandoned a murder weapon in my front yard. I made a mistake and picked it up, so now it has my fingerprints on it. Probably I should have left is lying there and called the police.

It's a heavy length of lead pipe, about eighteen inches long. Leonard accuses Colonel Mustard.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Sep 11 2005 17:12

How do you know it was a murder weapon?

Posted by Frances at Sun Sep 11 2005 17:20

What, other than bashing in heads, could one use a half-yard length of heavy pipe for? (It's not plumbing pipe.)

Posted by Alyson at Sun Sep 11 2005 17:37

I say it is Miss Scarlet!

Posted by Sumana at Sun Sep 11 2005 17:57

I'm imagining an extension board for Clue that includes The Garden, The Pool, The Pool Shed, The Patio....

Is it construction rebar?

Posted by frances at Sun Sep 11 2005 18:25

No, it's a lead pipe

Posted by Jill at Sun Sep 11 2005 18:46

I pick Mr. Green in the Garden with the lead pipe.

Posted by camilla at Mon Sep 12 2005 21:09

Oh man, I lost my cards. You stole them when I was getting a soda, didn't you!

Posted by Frances at Tue Sep 13 2005 17:08

That would be Mrs. White.

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