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[Comments] (1) It's Greek to Me: Today Susie and I visited Grandma, and then we stopped by the food festival at the Greek Orthodox church. We spent quite a bit of money, but it goes to Katrina victims. We bought dolmadas, gyros, and baklava. I had had dolmadas before. When I was a little girl, Aunt Margaret made some and I loved them. I didn't like these as well. Susie wouldn't eat the one I bought for her, having been overexposed in Romania, so Gretel had it. The gyros were wonderful. I hope it all stays down. So far today I've lost every single thing I've eaten, including harmless chamomile tea.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Sep 11 2005 19:33

Yay for Greek food! Boo to throwing up!

I felt pretty guilty yesterday morning when I drove past the Oompafest and opted to skip out this year. I have sour memories of last year, when my associations pulled me into performing the Chicken Dance on an empty dance floor (regardless of the massive crowd gathered to hear the band playing). A well-intentioned band member placed his sweaty Robin Hood hat on my head as a gesture of encouragment as I danced with the boys. He did anything but encourage me.

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