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[Comments] (3) Happy Birthday!: Today is my baby's birthday! Susie was always a feisty one. I've heard it's very unusual for a baby to cry while still inside, but Susie did. She screamed. I heard the crying and looked around--no baby in sight. She was born screaming.

The bad part is she aspirated amnionic fluid and had to be in the ICU.

Gretel and I went to the dog park this afternoon. There weren't as many dogs as later in the evening, but Gretel still had a wonderful time. When she gets tired, she develops a limp. I'm quite afraid that she is going to have a hip problem.


Posted by anonymous at Sun Sep 18 2005 18:15

What a special day it is. Your baby's birthday and my father's and great grandmother's birthdays also. My father would have been 87 today if he had lived longer. How interesting that Susie was so vocal before she came out into this crazy world and had something real to scream about! Marianne

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 19 2005 07:16

I love how you write little memories on our birthdays. thanks, mommy! Sorry I screamed so much. I was probably scared of the dark.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Sep 19 2005 20:21

Happy B-day Susie.

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