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[Comments] (1) Long Day:: Yesterday Rachel and I went to CLS to rent a Havahart trap, and we figured out how to bait and set it. The results were good; this morning the gray tabby which has been causing so much trouble around out house was in it.

I felt really terrible about it, but I took him to the pound. At the pound, a crew of vet tech students from the ROP were walking dogs, so I had to stand in line and listen to a lecture from a high school kid about how bad I was to bring the cat it. I should take it to the vet and then let it live at my house, wild. The high school girl was so convinced she was right and I was wrong. I remember when I used to be sure of myself like that.

The horrible part of this journey was I was in line with a lady who had brought in a tame kitty. He had come into her house, so she picked him up and brought him to the pound, after he had trustingly put his tummy up for her to rub him. I said I thought he must be someone's pet kitty and she said she didn't care. "He came in my house, so he is fair game." I sure hope his owners come looking for him before his three days are up.

I bought pea and lettuce seeds and three bags of bat guano stuff at White Forest Nursery. I picked all the remaining peppers and tomatoes, and made some fajitas, using London broil that was on sale at Young's. I cooked the fajaitas on the George Foreman grill, and it worked out just great.

After lunch, I ripped out the tomato plants, the Swiss chard, and the peppers. I left the beets because I didn't want to deal with them today, and I left the basil too. I'm going to try freezing basil, but right now I'm too tired.

We have the cat trap set out in front to try to catch Tuxedo Tom. I think TT isn't feeling well because he's been sleeping in the bushes the last three days. I certainly don't want him to die in my garden, however.


Posted by Susie at Sat Sep 24 2005 13:54

Yum, fajitas! Your peppers were looking yummy when I was ripping out tomato plants. and pea seeds!

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