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[Comments] (3) CSMP: Today at church was our Primary Program. Even the littlest ones had their talks memorized. It was amazing.

The Sunbeams this year are a class of all boys, and they were very, very, very naughty. Right in front, too. A presidency member leaned over and I guess reprimanded them, and one boy said, in a voice so loud and clear everyone in the back could hear, "He started it!" They were shoving each other and making faces. You'd think Sunbeams would be too little to be so disruptive, but you would think wrong.

Everyone enjoyed it tremendously.

They had a couple of new songs, which was nice. I am soooo glad I am not in charge of this program anymore!


Posted by anonymous at Mon Sep 26 2005 12:08

I enjoyed your comments on the primary program. I never was incharge of one of those but I taught some of those classes and I feel for everyone. My mother was called to teach sunbeams when she was almost 70 and was so nervous but her way with kids helped her succeed. (She was a pediatrics nurse for years).

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 26 2005 12:36

One good thing about the nursery...

Posted by Alyson at Tue Sep 27 2005 20:26

Those naughty moments are part of the parcel that we love, especially in a meeting that can be monotonous.

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