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[Comments] (4) Snapped: Our trap caught a cat in the night. Unfortunately, it was Tonks! He was very vocal in his complaints. I let him out and told him I certainly hoped he had learned to stay out of this thing. Unfortunately, I doubt he has. He is such a space cadet, especially when it comes to food.


Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 28 2005 10:22

You know, when you first mentioned trapping kitties, I wondered if one of yours would get caught. Certainly not delicate JB, but perhaps Tonks or X.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Sep 28 2005 10:55

oh no! foolish Tonks... I hope you let him out soon. poor baby.

Posted by Frances at Wed Sep 28 2005 11:50

Xochitl went all the way in the trap the first day, but she was suspicious of the metal plate that trips it, so she left the food alone and came back out. She's pretty smart. I think she smelled the residual cat fear in the trap.

Posted by Susie at Thu Sep 29 2005 07:31

"residual cat fear" hehe

Tonks is such a good cat name.

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