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[Comments] (2) Bye Bye Kitty: Well, whoever is dead under the house is not Tuxedo Tom--I saw him this morning curled up in his bush in the front yard. I think the odds of trapping him are not very good, but I will try tonight.

Skunk Kitty was in the trap this morning. Heavens, is she ever mean! I am getting ready to take her to the pound so that she can join her kittens at the Rainbow Bridge.

Or maybe mean stray kitties don't get to go to the Rainbow Bridge? I do wonder about the after life, how that will work out with all the pets. I know if I reunite with every pet I ever had on this earth, it will be a heckuva crowd in that ole heavenly mansion. And what about pets who had more than one owner? I had a horsie, but I had to sell her when we moved to California. So does she come to me in the next life, or to the person I sold her to? Or do we have joint custody?

Gosh, I hope it's not Luna under the house. Rachel and I haven't seen her in about three weeks. She is the one that if we can catch her, we will take her to the vet to be vaccinated and fixed, and then she can be an outside kitty. But she's getting older and older without us being able to catch her, and probably she has some babies somewhere. What a cycle.


Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 30 2005 13:52

Thank you for treating your (and everyone else's) cats responsibly!

Posted by Sumana at Fri Sep 30 2005 16:40

I'll also chime in with a thanks.

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