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[Comments] (2) Meanwhile, Back on Discworld: I went to Barnes & Noble today and spend the gift card Don and Brett gave me for Christmas. I got three more Terry Pratchett books. I have already read the three I received for Christmas. I spent some time sitting on the floor figuring out what there is out there that I don't have. Of course, some of the ones I have read I don't have because Jeannette has them. Or Leonard maybe.

I don't know what Mr. Prachett is going to do about me because I can read faster than he can write.

I went to Amazon and took all the books I got for Christmas off my wish list.

I went looking for a piece of furniture to set up in the laundry room to sprout my seeds on. The seeds should be here tomorrow. The thing I ended up liking best was a "kitchen cabinet" that cost $99. That's pretty pricey, so I thought I'd look some more. I actually started out just wanting a folding table (the ones I have are too big) but if I get something with storage capability I can get the medical stuff off the countertop. (Yay!)


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