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[Comments] (4) Ok So Let's Do This: How about this scenario. John and Susie come to visit their decrepit mother over Presidents Day and take the muffin back to Utah. Kristen keeps her until they move. Then John and Susie get her. and bring her back to California. Lucky she loves to ride in the car.

Her shots are due this month so I need to get her over to the d-o-c-t-o-r.

[Comments] (3) How Much Longer?: I asked Dr. Amin if he could give me a realistic estimate of how much longer I have to live. He said he can't because realistically he would have said I would have died years ago, and we've had some close calls, and he thinks I am here because of my spirit.

He says I don't have any of the life threatening infections that he could say, Oh, this one takes six days, or six weeks, or six months. So I should just go on day to day. Which I have been. But this day was spent in bed.


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