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[Comments] (1) Mrs. McGregor: Joey Nations came over yesterday and helped me move bricks to box in a vegetable garden. We had room for five raised beds. Two of them are going to contain strawberries. Juan is going to remodel the sprinkler system to the new scheme. I have planted grape tomatoes--red and yellow, and bush cucumbers. They are "hatching" in the kitchen right now. I also planted a lot of lettuce and spinach out among the flowers. The rest of the vegetables I will buy already started at the nursery, which Doris Jackman says is indicative of the Decline of Western Civilization.

Probably the neighbor kids will eat some of the produce but oh well.

I was explaining to Juan why I moved the vegetable garden from the backyard to the street, and he understood instantly. "So it won't get holes in it." Which is a very kind and diplomatic way of putting things.


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