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[Comments] (2) Flat!: So this guy thinks he is going to commit suicide, and he parks his car on the train tracks. Now lookit all the people killed and seriously injured. Innocent people, who never had a clue, and who probably would have sympathized with his angst but advised him that suicide is not the way to go because people get hurt. Suicide by hurting a lot of people is even more pathological.

When I was a kid we used to put pennies on the track to squish them flat. I had a flat penny I made in Salt Lake City for years, until I gave it to Leonard when he was a little boy. One day, Paul Oman put a windshield wiper that he found in the street on the track. The train duly squished part of it, but we decided that This Is Not Okay. Pennies, ok. Car parts, no.


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