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[Comments] (5) Placement: We had 1600 placement essays to read this morning. There were about 27 teachers there, bt we didn't finish before we burned out. We read from 8:30 to one. I don't know where they will find teachers or class sections for all those students. It's a hard job because you have to stay mentlly alert all the time and evaluate carefully so that the student is placed in the class where they can be most successful. I have a headache now.

Lots of people ate the lemon bars and enjoyed them very much--a bit of a lift. When I came home I went to bed, and then when I got up I took lemon bars to my visiting teaching families. I also took back Sherrie Lewis's Christmas plate with some on it. Gretel went with me, and it was a nice long ride in the car for her.

Today I ate about 1/2 cup of consomme and a chunck of watermelon before I threw up. Then I ate a chunk of cantelope and three bites of pita bread. Threw up again. Also I have drunk a small bottle of cranberry juice.

While I was outside throwing up into the trash can, Becky Mooney came out and said "Are you all right". I don't know what to say when people ask that. I don't know what to say when people ask how I am feeling. The real answer is, hey people, I feel rotten. I always feel rotten. I'm DYING, for goodness sake. And not quickly and cleanly either, but slowly and painfully. But I don't think it pays to talk about it because what is the point? Doesn't change anything. So, I need to think of something to say that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings and makes them feel better.


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