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[Comments] (4) Dilemma: I got a call on my cell phone this morning. It took awhile for me to find my phone, so I missed the call. It wasn't a number that is in my phonebook, so I called it back and said "You called me?"

A very hostile female voice said, "Who are you?" I said, "You are the one who called me, who are YOU?"

"My husband had this number in his phonebook. I want to know who he's been calling." "Well, who is your husband?" "Anthony." "Well, I don't know any Anthony."

So we hung up, and then I figured out it must have been one of my students. Anthony is a hard working boy, very dedicated and reliable. The light of his life, he says, is his little boy, and he is determinned to get through school so that he can support that baby. But a wife with that Attitude???

Anthony is registered again in one of my classes for next semester, and I'm wondering if I should take him aside and tell him this little story? Or should I just let her go on playing this little game of distrust until it goes blooey in her face?

I don't like getting involved with this, but now it looks like if Anthony and I ever speak by phone again, the woman will be hot on my trail. Grr.

I might add that one of the reasons I use my cell phone for work is because I don't have a phone on my desk. We have two in our "office" (I use the word loosely) but they are for like a hundred people to share and I never can figure out how to get my messages off.


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