Jabberwocky for 2005 October 1 (entry 0)

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A Weekend of Freedom!: I am not going to take my car out of the driveway all weekend! It's General Conference, so no church. No church, so no newsletter. (But next week will be a big one.) We didn't catch anyone in our trap, so no trip to the pound.

Around lunchtime I started thinking about Shrimp or Crab Louis, but I told myself, "No running to the grocery store, no no," and I made a pot of minestrone instead. I took two naps and read a lot of the Mayes travelogue.

I planted the rest of my winter garden and pulled two wastebaskets full of weeds. By the time I was finished it was so hot that my hair was driping. (Of course, the pith helmet doesn't help, dripwise.) Sweat was running down my chest so amply that the dressing over my catheter came loose. That doesn't matter because tonight I will sit in the spa and then shower and change the dressing. But for now it itches.

While pulling weeds I noticed some of the Naked Ladies I planted last fall were sending up hopeful little sprouts. Those are for you and Aunt Jeuney, Cousin Stacey.

And the most relaxing thing of all is I graded all my papers on Thursday, so that is done done done!

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