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[Comments] (5) Autumn Fer Sure: It's actually cold today. I'm not sure I know how to act. First mistake, I think, was not taking a jacket to work. You may be sure that's not gonna happen tomorrow.

Rachel and I went to Target and bought some winter clothes. I got some long-sleeved T shirts and a pair of khaki pants. The pants fit fine around the middle but bag horribly over my wasted legs. I am trying to pretend I don't notice.

The spiders are getting sluggish and slow; the flies are dying. I remember that Charlotte died after the fair was over. I also remember that when I read Charlotte's Web to the kids, I cried and cried. Susie told on me. "Daddy, the spider died and Mommy cried!"

The one I killed this morning, I didn't cry. It was a black widow, right on the front door. I never want to be bitten by a black widow again.


Posted by anonymous at Tue Oct 04 2005 20:56

Yikes! Spider talk all over the place. Today my sister emailed me with a photo of a hobo spider like the one she killed in her bathroom. I told her about the little tarantula I caught out on the deck and relocated. I loved Charlotte, too.

Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 05 2005 07:14

When did you get bitten by a black widow?

Remember how I cried when we watched "The Little Mermaid" in third grade and they killed Ursula?

Posted by Frances at Wed Oct 05 2005 07:55

I got bit while we were cleaning up our house/yard when we first bought it.

Posted by John at Wed Oct 05 2005 08:09

I love how you nonchalantly mention being bit by a black widow like it's no big deal. I'd scream so loud all of Kern county would have known.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Oct 13 2005 06:31

Susie? Ursula? Why?

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