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[Comments] (4) Genocide: We were, of course, horrified by William Bennett's remarks about reducing crime by aborting all black babies; therefore, we looked forward to the Bakersfield Business Conference yesterday. It was Bennett's first public appearance since he stirred that pot, and we hoped he would apologize.

Rachel worked at the Business Conference at the bookstore's table, and I dropped her off and picked her up. She didn't hear him apologize, and I was looking forward to seeing the newspaper today. The newspaper says he didn't apologize.

Many of the black community leaders organized a protest, and a racially mixed group was downtown with their signs and holding pictures of their children. (Not too racially mixed; I didn't see any Mexicans in the group!) In the morning, they were strung out all along Truxtun, but when I went back for Rachel at the end, the cops had corralled them into a little area surrounded by yellow crime scene tape. The cops were all standing with their sticks out--very large proportion of police to protesters.

Bernita Jenkins, an activist and one of the organizers of the protest, has always been someone I like and admire. I forget how I originially met her because it's been so long, but my kids and hers were in school at Arvin together. (Did I meet her in grad school, maybe?) She coaches debate at AHS. I always vote for her when she runs for something. She's never been elected yet, except to school board, but the time is coming, I'm sure. If she were on the city council or county supervisors, we wouldn't have so many shennanigans. Of that I'm convinced. When Bernita sets out to do something it gets done. For now, she's organized a meeting for next Saturday on how we can combat racism in this town.

I keep coming back to the remark that got Vicente Fox in bad trouble. He said that Mexicans are willing to do the jobs blacks aren't. Well. Even if it's true, you don't say it. I am getting rather tired of some of the big flapping mouths in politics. And also at church.


Posted by Rachel at Sun Oct 09 2005 11:32

I didn't hear him say anything. I was in the hallway hawking my wares, not the room where I could hear his speach on the teevee. But one of my friendies said all he said was "I am not a racist." riiiiight.

Posted by John at Sun Oct 09 2005 13:18

The problem with the US, as I see it, really boils down to this: laziness and forgetfulness.

For example, if you don't like what this guy said (and I am assuming I do not, although I am unfamiliar with the specs), what does a protest really do? In my opinion, not much.

So how do you make a difference? Ever hear of voting? But by election time, ie time to really make a difference, people are too lazy or forgetful to remember this guy may not best be suited to represent their interests.

We would all be better off, in my revered opinion, to trash the "take it to the streets" concept and rather take it to the polls.

As far as the church, mom, I love your ward. It is very friendly every time I visit, and the work seems to progress there. But I have NEVER in all my days heard people bear their opinions in meetings the way they do in your ward. Don't judge the whole church based on the few noisy peeps in the B-town second ward.

Posted by Sumana at Sun Oct 09 2005 18:57

John: Mr. Bennett does not hold any elected office. From looking at his biography, I see he has never held elected office. He is a paid political commentator and general pal of powerful people.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Oct 09 2005 20:30

Bennett's Book of Virtues, phooey. Not in my children's library.

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