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[Comments] (3) Forget the Cholesterol: I made fried chicken today, the real stuff, from the James Beard Cookbook, fried in plenty of butter. Also mashed potatoes and gravy. It was all so yummy. I haven't made fried chicken in like twenty years. Not the real way. I've done Shake & Bake, and that doesn't count.

Reason? First I had a husband with a heart condition, and then I had a husband with a fat condition, and then I forgot about it until some ladies on the Molly list were talking about it recently. There is plenty left for lunches all weekend.

This is daffodil weekend. I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered. I have 120 regular bulbs and about 50 minis.


Posted by Rachel at Thu Oct 20 2005 20:03


Posted by Alyson at Fri Oct 21 2005 08:26

Happy planting! Good thing you have enough leftovers to ignore cooking all weekend and just plant!

There is a soul restaurant in the old Jazz district of Kansas City that serves the best fried chicken and okra, and sweet potatoes, and collards, and, well, everything I've had on the menu is fabuloso! And classic.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Oct 21 2005 10:33

I adore Southern food! I love okra and collard greens and sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, there's a lot of lard too. If someone opened a vegetarian Southern place here I'd totally go every week.

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