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[Comments] (1) Bon Voyage, Grandma: My brother Jonathan informs me that my grandfather's second wife has died. She was way over ninety, nearing a hundred, in fact.

Everyone loved Grandma Mary. She was in our ward in Sunnyvale, and we went to high school with her grandchildren. (I tried everything to get one of her grandsons to notice me, but he never did, not even after we became related.) I always sat by her in choir as a teen, and she was always so loving and wise.

At my little brother Robert's wedding, she met my grandfather. He was a cradle robber--he was 87 and she was only 70. I have never seen a love affair like theirs. It was an inspiration. Mary was instrumental while my mother was sick and dying, and she and Grandpa had ten wonderful years together. They went on cruises and spent winters in California and summers in Utah. I think he was much happier with Mary than he was with Grandma.

Mary was always sweet and very positive, no matter what. Even in recent years when she had kind of lost it mentally, she was still sweet and not cranky.

This earth has lost a wonderful soul, and when they talk about her going to heaven, there is no doubt in my mind that is where she will be.

(I'm not going to her funeral because I feel too sick to drive all the way to Utah.)


Posted by Jill at Sat Oct 29 2005 11:22

I love when you tell stories, because you actually remember and tell them...thanks!

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