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Told Ya: I told ya told ya I was a vampire. Dr. Amin sez I need BLOOD! So I am going for a transfusion of two units next week.

I hope it's going to help. "They" speak of battling a disease, but this is more like a long slow futile struggle.

Baby Shower: Susie and I went to a baby shower for Jennifer (James) Griffin today. Jennifer is one of Susie's friends from elementary school, Camp Fire--long time standing. Such a beautiful little baby! I'm afraid Susie and I hogged him for more than our fair share of the time.

The shower was held at an all you can eat salad bar restaurant, in the back room. There were no stoopid games, just visiting, so I thought it was wonderful. Even though I always win those games, I dislike playing them. There is so little time to sit and chat in our worlds. The baby's father had decorated the cake.

Also in attendance was Linda Overturf, mother of Brian and Tim. She caught us up on the news, and I told her about Leonard.

I think all baby showers should be like this, and kudos to Nancy James for pulling it off.

[Comments] (3) Convalescent: Susie and I went to visit Rosalie in the convalescent home where she is staying, we hope temporarily. She fell, and she couldn't get up, so that is the outcome. We found her sitting there with nothing to do but watch the clock--she is not having fun in there.

Susie stayed and visited and I went to Target and bought her a bunch of sugar-free candy, a case of caffeine free Diet Coke, a book, two magazines, and two crossword puzzle books. Susie drew some pictures to decorate her space, so she is more comfy now.

I hope I never have to go into a rest home.


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