Jabberwocky for 2005 October 30 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) Daylight Savings: And the point is.....??? However, I like the time change better in the fall than in the spring. I think anyone would rather have an extra hour than have one taken away.

I made something good for lunch today. Rachel had been to a Basque restaurant and had a saucy chicken breast with Swiss cheese melted on top. I tried to duplicate it. I sauteed shallots and garlic in olive oil with a rosemary branch, and then added a pounded, dredged chicken breast. When it was almost done, I threw the rosemary away, topped with cheese (I used Jarlesberg) and some spaghetti sauce and let it simmer until the cheese melted. Served with buttered noodles sprinkled with poppy seed.

Gretel and I went to the dog park today. She had a really good time. It's going to be tough going the rest of the year as it gets dark earlier, and our church doesn't let out until four. I am slightly looking forward to January when we will have church in the morning.


Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 31 2005 07:16

Although Daylight Savings is being antiquitated, I enjoyed not driving to work in the dark. In fact, I bounded out of the apartment ten minutes early!

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