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[Comments] (2) A Bakersfield Farewell: Today's main headline, page A-1, and letters (I swear!) an inch and a half high, is the closing of the local Krispy Kreme franchise. This will probably come as a blow to many locals.

I don't like doughnuts myself, and I disapprove of Krispy Kreme because of the cutsie spelling, but I think a lot of people are going to be very sad about this.

A secondary result of this closing is now the "red corner" protesters won't have anywhere to pop in and get a doughnut while they are out there on Friday nights. (The "blue corner" protesters still have McDonalds.)

A Good Citizen: I went to vote after work today. I voted "NO!" I am so disgusted with the whole thing. There is nothing on that ballot that couldn't have waited till March. In fact, it all could have waited forever IMHO.

You are asking, "Did you vote "No" even on the bill requiring parents to be notified before a teengirl has an abortion? Yes, I did. I found, in my years of teaching high school and jr. high, that there are too many dysfunctional parents. As a teacher, you always have to call home before you give a kid detention. I found that often, if I called home about a student's behavior, the kid would get beaten when he/she got home. So I think if a girl can't tell her parents about her pregnancy voluntarily, she probably has a good reason.

One of my students right now is going through this. (Actually, she had the baby last weekend.) She is over 18, so that makes a difference, but she is having a terrible time with her father over the pregnancy. I think the man has done a lot of damage to their relationship.


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