Jabberwocky for 2005 November 1 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (6) *Groan*: I'm getting weaker and sicker. Luckily only two more days until blood augmentation. After work today I spent most of the day in bed, but I have to get up now because I have a LOT of papers that need grading.

Whoa, the semester is winding down and it's time to worry about lesson packets for Spring! (already!) I think I really need to do it this weekend unless I want to wreck my Christmas vacation.

Rachel has left for London, and I hope she has the time of her life.


Posted by Jill at Tue Nov 01 2005 18:22

What exactly is and how do they do a blood augmentation?

Posted by Susie at Wed Nov 02 2005 07:11

I still think it's funny you got a perscription for blood. hee.

Posted by Frances at Wed Nov 02 2005 07:31

It's like any transfusion. They stick in an IV and hook up a blood bag to it, and you have to sit there while it drains into your body.

Posted by John at Wed Nov 02 2005 08:34

Wish I could see you, but at least Susie gets to.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Nov 02 2005 17:34

The procedure kinda gives me the willies.

Posted by Alyson at Thu Nov 03 2005 18:58

Do you feel strength coming into your body as the IV drips? Just wondering.


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