Jabberwocky for 2005 November 15 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) Running Around: I feel just terrible today, but I pushed myself and got a lot done. I taught my class and then went to Target to get trash bags, laundry soap, toilet paper and sugarless candy for Grandma. Then to get a haircut. Then to go see Grandma. We sat out on the patio of the nursing home, and she appears to be doing better today. Pat stopped by with Leah and Joel, so I got to see the babies! They both look so much like Shannon.

I made baked potato, garlic chicken, and vegetables for lunch, but Rachel didn't wake up to eat with me. Then naptime. After that, making the broth for matzoh ball soup and cleaning and straightening up getting ready for Irma tomorrow. I swept on Sunday, but by today the floor was dirty again.

Davin Amundsen is coming over to pass off the Environmental Science merit badge so he can get his Eagle. Did you know I was on the Scout Committee, on top of all else? Well I am. I'm going to ask him to help me flip my mattress and move the garage refrigerator when he gets here.


Posted by Rachel at Tue Nov 15 2005 20:29

what a slacker daughter

Posted by Susie at Wed Nov 16 2005 07:12

Yesterday, I saw you can buy premade Matzo balls in a jar of juice. Next to the gefilte fish. yuck.

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