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[Comments] (4) Music to hear, why hears't thou music sadly?: I had a dream in the night that I was standing with my father on the edge of an open grave (empty) and we were singing "Nearer, My God, To Thee." There were other people there, but they all had their backs turned to us and the grave. These people were all dressed forties-fifties style, with hats and overcoats. I don't know who they were, but that wasn't an issue.

It doesn't take a genius to figure the symbolism of that one out.

I have read that most people dream in black and white, but I've always dreamed in color. All my other senses are involved in dreams, too--I can smell smells, hear things, even feel textures. Must be because I'm a Taurus.

My father had a beautiful singing voice. I asked him once why he didn't sing in the choir, and he said it was because he couldn't see well enough to read the music. I told him we could get the music ahead of time and work it out on the piano and he could learn it by memory, but he thought it wasn't worth the bother.


Posted by John at Wed Nov 16 2005 09:33

People dream in black and white? I think I have before, I think it's mostly in color. And I'm a cancer. What does this all mean?

Posted by Frances at Wed Nov 16 2005 09:47

Who can say?

Posted by Susie at Wed Nov 16 2005 11:17

No dreaming about graves! Can't.... handle... it....

Posted by anonymous at Thu Nov 17 2005 12:54

You remind me a lot of my daughter, Michelle, who has been dealt some very heavy blows in this life and keeps trudging on like you do. She is also a Taurus and she has a lot of the same grit you have. She has lucid dreams and prophetic dreams as well. If you knew her story you would know why I say that you and she are much alike. I have told her about you and she admires you a lot. So do I.

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