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Geisha: The girl who cut my hair had no eyebrows. No stubble either. I wondered if she plucked them, or if she shaves them everyday. Then she paints on black, arching eyebrows.

She grabbed a pair of electric clippers and started to touch up the ends of my bangs, and I greatly feared for my eyebrows.

[Comments] (1) Recycle: It's good for the bottle.: I'm noticing that the PETE beverage bottles are getting thinner and thinner, and as a result, they are getting floppier. I think this is especially dangerous in a two liter soda bottle. I'm afraid the day will come when they sell us drinking water in a plastic bag.

You will note that even though the weight of the plastic bottles has gone down, the price of the CRV has not. We are still paying as much CRV as we did when we had real bottles. The net effect is that people who recycle for cash are actually losing money. I don't know if anyone has noticed this; I'm just sayin'.

I don't recycle for cash anymore. I actually PAY $20 a quarter to have a blue bin that is picked up by the city. It's such a relief to not have to haul in the recycling as I have for the last thirty odd years.


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