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[Comments] (1) Raining: Here I am in San Francisco. We had a lovely Thanksgiving, but there was no mashed potatoes and gravy, which horrified me. I had turkey and a crescent roll for breakfast this morning. The kids have gone to Chinatown without me--I really don't feel so well and I need to save energy for the wharf this afternoon.

We are basically waiting for Robert to arrive. His plane was delayed in Salt Lake City. I made reservations for lunch at Alioto's for 3p.m. The kids want to go to ghirardelli square. Chocolate works for me!

[Comments] (1) Baaaa Like Sheep: Today is not particularly a good day to be in San Francisco because everyone else in the world is here too. Robert did get here, and we did go down to Fisherman's Wharf and ate at Alioto's. It was certainly pricey.

We also went to a museum of old arcade games. There was one called French Execution that intrigued Robert and me, so we put our quarter in and watched the guillotine work. Then there was another called Execution, so we watched it. It was a hanging. Then we found one called English Execution, and we were hoping for an axe, but no, it was a hanging too.

I tried to call Jill to ask if Rent is edited MTV style (all jumpy) or no, but could only get a bad connection. So Jill, is it?


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