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The Old Man is Snoring: I was going to work in the yard today, and hijack John and Susie to do so as well, but before dawn it started raining and pretty much came down all day. It's now December and I haven't finished planting my bulbs. I wish they had shipped them earlier in the fall, but they ship according to agricultural zones, the coldest zones first. I guess that is better for Dooby, who lives in Maine, but it's not good for me. Last year I called Customer Service the first of September and harrangued them into shipping my order early, but it was difficult to connect with a human who had the authority to do so, so I let it lie this year.

Congratulations, Doobie, on the beauty of your tulips.

I'm a little concerned about my weakness and lack of energy. The doctor says my bone marrow is beginning to break down. This does not mean I want anyone else to be concerned. NOW STOP IT!


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