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[Comments] (3) Blah Blog: Really nothing to say. I spent most of the day in bed, except for going to Sacrament Meeting.

I did finish reading the trashy novel, Maeve Binchey "Circle of Friends." It was very poorly written with lots of dangling modifiers and the ending was dumb. Actually the whole thing is dumb. Maeve Binchey is consigned to Grammar Hell.

However, the trashy novel we have been waiting for has come out--the third volume of Nora Roberts' In the Garden trilogy. I have found only one mistake so far--sweet peas blooming in the heat of summer. C'mon, Nora, you are a gardener too; you know better!

If I were to write novels, I think I would publish straight to paperback like Roberts does. It sure makes a difference to Rachel's and my austere budget.


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