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[Comments] (3) He's Been Too Long in Arvin: I was reading a press release today. It came from the BC public relations officer, who is a celebrity of sorts because he was an anchor on the news, and the college has been acting like he's a feather in their bonnet.

The press release contains a very serious participle error. The guy goes straight to Grammar Hell.

Come to think of it, Arvin is a sort of Grammar Hell.

[Comments] (1) The White Witch: It has been very cold here all day. Thick ice on the windshield when I went to go to work. When I put Gretel out, she was shaking. I felt so bad--much worse than Jadis would have felt. Everything was all frosted up and it stayed cold. I came home and spent the afternoon shivering under the covers.

We were predicted to have fog all this week and instead we have had frost.


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