Jabberwocky for 2005 December 5 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) He's Been Too Long in Arvin: I was reading a press release today. It came from the BC public relations officer, who is a celebrity of sorts because he was an anchor on the news, and the college has been acting like he's a feather in their bonnet.

The press release contains a very serious participle error. The guy goes straight to Grammar Hell.

Come to think of it, Arvin is a sort of Grammar Hell.


Posted by Marianne at Mon Dec 05 2005 16:06

Most people wouldn't know a partciple error if they saw it I would guess. Are we in grammar hell because grammatical mistakes ruin whatever writing they are in and demean whoever wrote it?

Posted by Frances at Mon Dec 05 2005 16:57

You're right about that. My niece named me Lieutenant of Grammar Hell, so I'm just working on doing my job.

That's the trouble with most people. This guy wrote "he had ran". Gimme a break.

I'm very glad you got your puppy back, Marianne!

Posted by Marianne at Tue Dec 06 2005 12:13

Okay ... "he had ran" turns me cold. Uuuuk!
We only had the dog a short time, but she became part of the family quickly. She is elegant and smart. My daughter had wanted a doberman for most of her life and she looked and looked for one she could afford. Roxie doesn't have papers but she is a purebred and looks it. Trevor needed a companion and the two dogs just seem to adore eachother. It was so wonderful to find her. The woman had sort of a lame reason for taking her inside and I doubt that she intended to try to find the owner.


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