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[Comments] (2) Is Spring Spronging?: It's almost time for the crocus to come up. I thought. Then I looked, and some of the ones I planted last year are poking up already. And me with 200 more to plant still! I planted a bunch of them today, and some tulips the bulb company sent me for free. The tulips have been in the refrigerator.

Then I gave some daffodils and crocus bulbs to Pat. The boxful doesn't look much diminished.

Pat was here bringing plants from Grandma's funeral. There are two big spathephylliums (peace lily) and a big basket garden. Who wants some? The basket garden, of course, will have to be potted up separately eventually. It contains a kalanchoe, ivy, a dracena, a palm, and a diffenbachia.

After being wretchedly sick all last night (and not sleeping much), I felt pretty good this morning. I'm about to wish it were bedtime, however.

It is just sooooo cold in this house!


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