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[Comments] (3) Busy Day: Today after work I went to White Forest and got 50 strawberry plants, a bunch of veggie seeds, a bell pepper, an Anaheim pepper, and whee! This year they had Japanese eggplants, which I prefer for what I use them for mostly. (Pasta sauce). It's raining so I didnt plant them. I went to the Ralph's going out of business sale, and I dont think I saved any money because their prices are so high. It was kind of sad--bare shelves everywhere. The sole, lonely thing left in the produce department was a sad little pile of almonds in the shell. And one random Brazil nut.

Then I went to Asia Market to get nori. I thought it would be fun to make sushi for one of our meals while John and Susie are here. What a place! You can hardly move in there, all kinds of exotic stuff. John would love it. I haven't been there since they moved from Brundage, and what is missing is the grandma behind the counter cooking stir fry to order. Instead, the front of the store is occupied by Teriyaki Bowl (chain.) Sheesh. I broke down and bought some rice bowls because they have horses on them. Also, I found one bowl that had PENGUINS! They didn't have any others, so I bought the lone penguin bowl, and I drank miso soup out of it this afternoon.

I made cookies and bean salad and put some black beans to soak, to get a start on cooking for my kids. Young's has tri-tip on sale, so I'll have to go get some.


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