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[Comments] (1) Working up a Sweat: It's not a very nice day today--cloudy, and the sun hasn't appeared all day, but I did go out into the new vegetable garden. I moved cinder blocks for the walls, with much huffing and puffing and a few smashed fingers. Then, I replaced the risers. I had a lot of trouble with one of them because (I think) the elbow is stripped and it's probably going to leak, but we shall see. I cultivated the bone meal, etc., in, and, hardest of all, dumped half a bag of compost in each bed. Now I need to spread it and fork it in, and then I can plant.

Some of my beans are five inches tall already. What monsters!

I took two of the tomato plants I started over to the Langleys, so that gave me a leetle bit more room on the table. The tomatoes can't go outside for another month or so, but I figured Jill would like to bond with them before she plants them.

I am absolutely done for, but I still have an appointment with Dr. Manu at 3:30, pasta salad making, and paper grading to go today.

[Comments] (3) Marigolds: I guess I'll dig up the miserable stripped elbow tomorrow, cut the pipe, replace it. Grrr.

I had an idea for the garden marigolds, which will save oodles of space and also look good. I'll fill the cells of the cinderblocks with potting soil and plant the marigold seeds in there. That way all the raised beds will have marigold borders.

I don't know if it's an old wives tale or not, that marigolds keep the bad insects out of the garden, but my grandpa always grew them, so does Richard Oman, and so have I.

I have some nasturtiums to mingle with the vegetables too. I forget what nasturiums do, but I can always feed them to my family in a salad like Aunt Jeuney used to. heh heh.


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