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[Comments] (5) Dash It!: I got my hopes high when I saw the new BYU magazine has an article about The Face of Need--the way it started out, I thought the article was going to be about beggars and how to tell the genuine ones from the scam artists. This is something I struggle with. But no, the article is about spriritual need, dash it.

I usually give a dollar to the homeless veteran standing on the freeway ramp, and I usually turn anyone who knocks at my door away. (I don't like to be bothered at home.) But I have had people knocking who wanted money, and when I offered food, they wouldn't take it, and that bothers me. I wish I could tell the difference. Truth to tell, they are mostly scam artists. My husband was Bishop for six years in downtown Los Angeles, and we saw all kinds of people who thought they were needy, but they were just lazy. Some people want others to solve all their problems.

I realize the best way around this is to pay my fast offering and let others do the discernment, but I'd like to be able to know if the guy on the freeway ramp is for real.


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