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[Comments] (1) Spring Fever: Better today, but I froze the whole time at work. After my second class I went an made a cup of hot miso and it helped for a while--long enough for me to get my papers graded. But now I have a sniffle and a climbing fever. I took a nap and some Tyelenol.

Rachel accidentally took my take-out box from Rosa's, and I was so looking forward to it for lunch! I ate the last quarter pound of my frozen hamburger instead. And some vegetables. I really like the George Foreman grill because you can just whip something right up. I think I'll try it with some fish.

I really, really, really need to go to the grocery store here. I hope Leonard comes to visit me because I want to have corned beef and cabbage, and I can't possibly eat a whole batch. (Of course, Gretel would be glad to help!)

[Comments] (1) Deuce: Deuce, the kitten born March 9 with two faces (one head) has died. Poor little thing.


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